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The Mystery of the Indian Head Sculptures


Do you know the story of the Indian Head Sculptures? When I was little my grandma, Gertrude Tucking Burke, told me that grandpa Ed Burke carved two Indian head sculptures and took them at night to a park in Clinton. He left them at a building site with a note stating that they were a gift to the community and may be used in the public building. According to grandma, an article appeared in the Clinton newspaper and all of the neighbors were talking about it and wondering who could have left the sculptures there. Gandma and grandpa never did tell. It was their little secret and grandpa got such a kick out of it.

Bob Shepherd in Clinton found the sculptures for us and took photos and scanned them in. He even found the article in the Clinton Herald - February 5, 1934 and gave it to us too. Thanks, Bob.


The 1934 Clinton Herald article about the sculptures Indian Sculpture #1 Indian Sculpture #2    

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